A Brief Introduction

In highschool at the age of 17 Tracy James landed his first national commercial for Clearasil and his career has been on the rise ever since. Soon after, Tracy appeared on the cover of a popular International calandar called RockShots and was requested to appear on the Joan Rivers show. Joan Rivers gave him an extra boost by featuring him on her show, and in return his picture with Joan appeared on the cover of the National Enquirer. This strange series of events landed Tracy numerous fitness magazine Covers and workout editorial jobs which were being viewed by the people at Soloflex as well as other top fitness brands. Tracy moved into an apartment in New York City on Park Ave which was only a few blocks from his modelling agency Wilhelmina Models. This ambitious decision enabled him to focus on his career in modeling and acting.

A Model example of the Fit Male:"The Soloflex Man"

Tracy James' popularity snowballed into a multi-media sensation. Launching his career as one of the original Soloflex men, he captivated audiences nationwide appearing daily on TV in a 2 hour Soloflex infomercial. This was his first of over 23 Regional and National Commercials for such clients as 7UP, Chrystler, 24hr Fitness and Baccardi. Tracy also appeared in the Soloflex instructional video. He soon adorned the covers of many more major fitness and Fashion magazines like GQ, W, Vogue, Men's Health US and UK as well as national and international calendars for Hurst Publications Cosmopolitan Men series. At the launch of the now famous underwear brand 2Xist by Gregory Sovell, they were searching for the ideal guy to launch their collection. Tracy James became the face and body of 2Xist propelling them into the ranks of Calvin Klien. Calvin Klien then in turn noticed Tracy and hired him for various runway shows and advertisements. Singer Shania Twain jumped on the bandwagon hiring Tracy as her lead guitarist in the hit, "I feel Like a Woman". You can catch Tracy in other music videos from Taylor Dayne and Martha Wash. He would go on to be featured in various films working with directors like Susan Seidleman from Sex in the City.

A Kind Heart

Tracy quickly gained recognition in the fitness community; thus his first fitness video, from the "Firm" series, was unveiled. With over 3 million copies sold in the first year, it had been one of the top five selling workout videos on the market. He would later be hired soon after to do a series of fitness video's for Crush Productions and The Harpers Group. Tracy continues to work with various charities donating time and money for those in need through different Charities local, National and International like God's Love, We Deliver, Africa Peace Corps, The Bondi Group, PETA and AmFar. Just to name a few. Tracy didn't only donate time or money but sometimes both like the time he traveled to Nigeria on his own dime for an extended time on a Peace Keeping Mission to help rural villagers in need of medical assistance. You can view some of these video's in the video section.

Cosmopolitan's "Man of the Year"

A short while later, Cosmopolitan Magazine placed him in the ranks of such super studs as Burt Reynolds, Arnold Schwartzeneggar, Jim Brown and David Hasselhoff when he was voted "Cosmopolitan Man of the Year." Cosmopolitan not only bestowed him with the title of "Man of the Year," but they also placed a pull out centerfold of Tracy in the May 1996 issue; Cosmopolitan's 25th Anniversary issue, which was reserved only for major celebrities up until this point. Tracy can also be found on the covers of over 1,800 Romance Novels (Hallmark, Zebra and Silhouette) as well as Cosmopolitans steamy romance novels, calanders and fashion editorials throughout the years.

"Under Exposure"

Catching on quickly to his appealing qualities, Giorgio Armani chose to place Tracy on all of his underwear packaging and advertisements. Tracy James soon appeared in advertising campaigns from over 17 different underwear companies in all. Check the packaging the next time you're browsing through the underwear department of your favorite store. Chances are you'll see Tracy James. Tracy also somehow made time to finish college and get his bachelors degree in electrical engineering as well as taking additional night cources at FIT NYC and NYU for fashion design, business, writting and computer sciences which he later used create multiple businesses. In addition to his daily modeling castings and work he was able to design, create and manufacture his own line of sports apparel which is still being sold to this day. He would also later open a dinner show restaurant called Lucky Cheng's Las Vegas on the Las Vegas Strip with co owner Hayne Sutton. Tracy would later open and operate a second restaurant in California.

"Sailing Away"

With the wind at his back Tracy James ventured to Europe where the international fashion community warmly accepted him. Working with designers like Valentino, Armani, Versace, Fendi, D Squared, Brioni and Adolfo Domingez served to propel Tracy James into nearly every major fashion magazine on the rack. One of his most memorable European experiences was working with photographer Steven Meisel, while shooting an editorial for Italian Vogue with Amber Valletta and Kristi Hugh. One of the photographs from the shoot was selected as the cover shot for Vogue's hard cover anniversary issue. He traveled to over 58 countries and sometimes stayed for weeks to months because of the demand. The constant traveling made it hard for him to keep track of and collect tear sheets from the multitude of countries displaying his modeling work.

"A Warm Homecoming"

Upon arrival back in the states Tracy James was awe struck by the incredible publicity his Cosmopolitan centerfold had generated while he was in Europe and Asia. Cosmopolitan Magazine went on to print an additional 1/2 million copies to meet the demand, something they had never had to do before. Tracy went on to make a number of nation wide television appearances on programs like, Oprah, Entertainment Tonight, Extra,The Mike & Matty Show,Sally Jesse Raffael, NY 1, Good-Morning America,The Late Show with Conan Obrian, All My Children, One Life to Live, As the World Turns and Another World. As a guest on 95.5 WPLJ in New York City, the station experienced several hours of jammed phone lines with over 3,000 faxes, e-mails and calls. TV Show, To Tell the Truth featured Tracy James as their Feature where celebrity guests had to decide who was the real Tracy James. You can see some of these video's as well as clips from Tracy's personal video library in the video section.

The American Gladiator

Tracy James' physical endurance was evident during his guest appearance on American Gladiators where he walked away with the gold medal after defeating a former Olympic tri-athlete. Tracy's love of music and writing also enabled him to put together a music group. Soon they would be touring the Coast singing their heartfelt original songs. Sony Music had offered them a record deal that they gracefully declined because of budget restrictions and Tracy's International travel schedule. Tracy's collection of music and screenplays will soon be posted to this site. Tracy James also performed in the NYC Off Broadway show, "My Big Fat Gay Italian Funeral". Tracy James also worked in films with Actor Keanu Reeves as his stand in.

Casino Royal

With so much ambition and creative insight Tracy James pitched one of his theatrical shows to Showboat Casino. After a stellar 3 month run, they signed him on for a yearly contract. Juggling his time between the New York City modeling world, Los Angles, Las Vegas and Atlantic City was quite an undertaking. Tracy James went on to pitch and produce Variety Shows and events (Film Festivals) with other high profile casino's like Tropicana, Harrah's and Caesars. Tracy James not only was the writter, producer and director but you could also find him Emceeing in his shows with a dry slapstick comic demeanor when he was in town. Tracy's Shows gained notoriety not only for selling out Box Offices but also from MTV which featured him on their show, "Jobs that Don't Suck". One of Tracy James' dance troops even made it on, "America's Got Talent". Although they didn't win shock jock Howard Stern decided to climb up on stage and do an encore presentation with the cast.

The Fab Forties

Rounding his mid life years Tracy James was thrust back into the fitness industry when mega fitness corporation Lovate Health Sciences which produces Hydroxycut and Six Star Pro Nutrition hired Tracy to represent their brand. Through strict diet and exercize Tracy James pushed his limits and was able to achieve 3% body fat. Exercize for Men Magazine later profiled Tracy James in a multi-page interview complete with a fold out poster called the Matrix workout. You can see this poster in the Portfolio section of this site.

An abbreviated version of Tracy James' Biography